Kay Nicholson

Kay Nicolson studied textile design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. She had a variety of jobs including window dresser, interior designer and primary teacher. Kay continues to teach part-time while building on her collection.
Kay’s colourful paintings have a dream-like quality, suggestive of fairy tales and mysterious places. The magical elements of the moon and stars illuminate the narrative, creating a mystical fantasy world. ‘Painting helps me process emotions. It gives me a focus for mindfulness and relaxation.’
Kay painted ‘A Million Dreams’ while going through a relationship break up. The poppies represent the shattered pieces of a broken heart. Although sad there’s hope for a happier place in the form of The Emerald City (based on The Thomas Coates Memorial Church in Paisley). Rainbows feature in much of Kay’s work. The rainbow brings the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass. The end of the rainbow signifies a pot of gold and the magic that surrounds your dreams coming true.
‘Blue Sunday’ is a painting about being alone. It’s about the morning after the night before. When you’re alone Sunday can often be a very lonely day. A stark contrast to the previous evening’s festivities with friends. This has taken on a new meaning in light of the recent lockdown when every day can feel like ‘Blue Sunday’. Paisley Abbey is featured in the background and the butterflies represent personal transformation. A feeling of hope as they rise up and take flight.