John MacDonald

Artist Member

I am a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art 1965 -1969. Postgraduate Graphic Design
1969 -1970.

Worked as a graphic designer in Glasgow 1970-2011. I have been painting full time since
2011 and still do graphic work, including the design production for Maclaurin Art Gallery
magazine for the last 4 years.

I have exhibited work at the PAI annual exhibition previously in the open category. Over
the past nine years I have exhibited work regularly in the North Ayrshire Exhibition, I was
an invited artist at the MacArt Exhibition at the Maclaurin Gallery and have exhibited at
the gallery annually in both the “Save the Children” exhibitions and the “Ayr Sketch Club”
exhibitions for the past six years. The painting “Ayr Bay” shown below, was exhibited at
the RSW Edinburgh in 2018.

Acrylic is currently my main medium and I also do some watercolour and mixed media
painting, although much my earliest work was in oils, which I will probably return to at
some point.

I also do a lot of drawing including life studies and had two drawings in the PAI drawing
exhibition a couple of years ago.