Jenny Brown

Artist Member

Jenny Brown is a retired teacher and award-winning seascape artist working in oils in a loose expressive but realist style. She employs a strong use of tone to create dramatic contrast and use of ratio and perspective to draw the viewer into the scene. She is keen to portray her multi-sensory experience in the vistas she creates. Jenny says, ‘_with every brushstroke or scrape with the palette knife, i feel the air, the sand beneath my feet, my fingers running through the grasses’_.

She is heavily influenced by the wide skies and stunning beaches of the western isles, argyll & arran. Jenny takes pencil or pastel sketches and photographs in situ, and then fleshes these out later in the studio. She enjoys the deconstructed look when the pink and grey undertones are left exposed or revealed when scraped back. She works in oils, mostly wet-on-wet, with a predominately blue with purple, yellow and white palette.

Jenny has exhibited regularly in solo and group shows. Her last solo show, _wonders of argyll_, was at the gather, Tarbert, December 2023. She was an invited artist on landscape artist of the year 2023 and has been a member of open studios Ayrshire for 10 years.