Jenna Maclean

I am an nineteen year old Art and Design Student now moving on to my Fourth year of studying. I enjoy creating large-scale work on various surfaces specifically Glass and Perspex. Most of my current work portrays gestural elements. ‘Glioblastoma Multiforme’ is a piece based on my Grandfather who suffered a three month battle with the deadliest brain tumour there is. I watched him deteriorate every day. The piece includes replica text and imagery by him when he was ill, which I have re-written in the exact form he did. The piece also includes three faces which describe the three ever changing personalities he faced during this illness. ‘Self-Care’ is a self portrait piece based on the time my Grandfather was ill. In this piece I am wearing a face mask crying. I am trying my best to take care of myself during such a horrific time. While having to take care of my Grandfather , taking care of myself was just as important. This piece portrays the true exhaustion I experienced at the time. I believe these two pieces give a raw insight into that part of my life.