iona Kewney

1973 Troon. I studied Fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dance at School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and Cirkuspiloterna DOCH University of circus Arts in Stockholm. I toured the world with Belgian dance companies; Wim Vandekeybus/ Ultima Vez and Alain Platel/ Les Ballets C de La B and have been performing my own works and choreographies internationally for 25 years, living around Europe. Knights of the Invisible is my present company established in 2009 with Glasgow musician Joseph Quimby. Both my visual and physical creations are surreal, figurative worlds of dreaming and reinventing layers of ideas through hyper realism and imagination. Searching for a clarity of vision through enlightened thinking stimulated by dance states and physical movement. I look for energy and composition through the body, nature, history, mythology, structure and objects as a means of expression. My subject matter looks from the inside out, playing with the interconnected rhythm of line and shape. The body and its capacity for change, its limits, mental focus and physical energy has always been a working fascination. To challenge, or indeed, to become the idea in performance or visual art. Levitation to the future is the theatre of life and visions. The details beyond the edges into new ground. I create from every day elements that are around me, building a sculptural journey with pencil on paper in large scale. The size allows me to become immersed in the evolution of the content. To illuminate and see anew.