Ilona Dynowski

I have always been interested in how we perceive the world and ourselves in it, my recent practice research has centred around the conscious and unconscious mind, how we interpret reality according to ourselves and the interaction of the self between reality and fantasy; the way things are versus the way we wish them to be. The idea of contrasting states of being led to the initial works to be compositionally made up of juxtaposing imagery. The juxtaposition of old imagery/films paired with modern chaotic or mundane scenes using mediums of mixed media collages, drawings and paintings. My intention is to challenge the viewer to examine the philosophical consistency of their own value systems by comparing classic film imagery and narratives with modern chaotic scenes. The contextual research is primarily rooted in philosophy on Jean Paul Sartre’s theories of authenticity, consumerism and thoughts proactive justice. This was later combined with psychological research Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes. The key areas and themes of interest within my work are: the comparison of past and present, iconic figures both imaginary and real, symbolism namely through tarot cards, mass media, distribution of content our own lives and the people in them. This is mainly conveyed through the mediums of painting, drawing, mixed media collages. I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Moray School of Art and I graduated with a Master of Letters in Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art in 2019.