Heather Davies

Artist Member

Nature and landscape have always been inspirational, particularly the Scottish coast and islands. I first visited Scotland when I was seven and it has left an indelible mark.

I love using watercolour for its translucency, and many years ago I would paint en plein air for the majority of my work which was usually smaller and more spontaneous. Watercolour is the perfect medium to capture the fleeting light in the islands, however I knew I wanted to keep moving and add another dimension to my work.

I now work primarily in the studio, where I have more time to reflect and a free rein to experiment. Although my recent work is semi abstract, I am told it still retains a suggestion of reality. My subject is not always landscape now, however natural elements are still an inspiration, water appears quite often in my composition. With imagination, colour and mark making I strive to develop a language; one that I hope will convey my emotional response and excitement to the subject.