Gwen Fleming

Artist Member

I studied at Edinburgh college of art and now live in Oban where I work directly from the argyll landscape and countryside where colour, texture and pattern are my main focus.

Working from the rich environment of the Argyllshire landscape and coastline my main focus is colour, texture and pattern found in the natural world. Painting mostly on handmade papers I begin by using foliage material from the landscape I’m working from and press or monoprint this on to paper using a gelee plate using watercolour and ink to give the foundation texture of the piece. I then layer my composition with gouache, ink and acrylic pens to create patterns and build colour. Recently I have become more experimental with materials and have added collage and acrylics to create more depth and texture this is something I wish to develop further as well as printmaking techniques within my paintings.

My process is a combination of an emotional response, respect and admiration to the environment I live where I sketch, take photographs and work from memory where I try to create the landscape from the inside out and throughout time.