Grace Maran

I have a BA (Hons) degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art. Recent achievements in 2020 include being selected for the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition, a place on an Interdisciplinary Residency at Hospitalfield. I was also selected for the final of the Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 and awarded an ANGUSalive Purchase Prize 2018.

My art practice is figurative and still life painting, acrylic on canvas. I aim to create a surreal and ambiguous atmosphere through the subject choices and composition. I am inspired by the history of portraiture and decorative symbolism in fine art.

‘XXI.KORE (IV,a)’ I am interested in depicting an object from an ancient culture through the perspective of archaeology. The subject of an archaic female sculpture allows me to continue my interest in the history of portraiture and the figure in art. I have been inspired by the tools and processes of archaeology, which I depict with a more decorative and ambiguous effect. I am also playing with surface and the illusion of depth.

‘Costume’ I am interested in the beautiful silhouette of this historical costume and how it is designed to enhance the shape of the figure as well as display meaning about the status of the wearer. The shape and design of the costume creates a sense of depth and space as it floats within the painting. This is contrasted with the ambiguous red line that strikes through the surface of the canvas, securing the costume in the composition.