Gill Walton

I am a lifelong, professional artist, based in the Scottish Borders. I graduated with an honours degree in sculpture, but latterly my practice has consisted mainly of painting. Throughout my 30 year career, drawings have often been the departure point for new ideas. Sometimes expressing a concept better than either painting or sculpture, they often become the final art work; perfect in their imperfections.

This drawing was created during a month long residency (March 2021), at Marchmont House in the Scottish Borders. It forms part of a body of work developed to reflect a year of isolation and solitude in the time of COVID.

For this piece, I devised a way of drawing with graphite mixed with beeswax and silver leaf. The materiality of the drawing is significant, with both graphite and silver possessing healing and anti microbial properties.

The beeswax offers a fleshy quality to the graphite, with the silver Rorschach being symbolic of ‘breath’. The figure itself expresses a stillness and suspension of time; it’s surface resonant of stone or wood. Though rooted in the here and now, the image proffers hope and a return to ‘life remembered’.