Frances Clark

Working from my studio in West Kilbride I produce a personally driven body of work and commissions. My own work moves between representations of the human figure and animals. Sculpting initially in clay, the finished piece will either be ceramic or resin, sometimes a mixture of both.
My walks along the coastline or through the countryside are the greatest influence on my work. The memory of the journey finds a voice in my work. Places we have been stay with us, they become part of our psyche, informing who we are, the decisions we make, and they leave their mark. Patterns in the sand, textures on rocks, barnacles, limpets and seaweed draw my attention and eventually find their way into my work. My visceral response to particular areas has led me to explore to concept of ancestral memory and the connection our ancestors had with the land. Contemporary research on the Picts and the occurrence of the Nine Maidens has caused me to question what I thought I knew and what I believed. The journey continues.