Fionnlagh Maciver

I’m Fionnlagh Maciver. I primarily use digital technology in my art work utilising it first in a proper manner in my National 5 art in which I designed two variations of a poster. Since this I’ve enjoyed the freedoms of easily manipulating component parts of images in both colour and position, tweaking these elements to fit my desired image and being able to make quick and drastic changes to my art works with the security of backups. I understand that both with misunderstanding and possibly oversimplified description how this method of creating art is questioned and often seen as an improper technique but I see it as a freeing method which allows for change and experimentation within an art work. It is for this reason that I originally adopted this technology into my art and how it has become an integral part of my works as a whole even when only sketching in a sketchbook. In this piece I’m submitting the environmentally friendly nature of digital design harmonises with its subject matter and theme of climate change. Attempting to contrast natural elements with man made I’ve used Lino and inks in the background to create a textured sea and digital methods to create the unnatural creature and the bags which surround it.