Fiona Maher

My art practice embraces printmaking and sculpture and recently I have been exploring the potential for combining these two disciplines. One of the pieces I am submitting was created in my makeshift sleep room studio, under lockdown, and is a response to the increased time I have been able to enjoy out in the woods near my home, immersing myself in the sound of birdsong.
The 3D piece was created before lockdown and is the result of revisiting works on paper created over a decade ago and repurposing them.The crescent moon shape suggests something more complete, part of a repeat cycle that is familiar to us but mysterious, it is a shape that I have explored in stone and it resonates for me in its complex simplicity.

Much of my work involves using found or encountered materials and both of these pieces embrace this approach allowing me to consider and respond and think in a different way.

Alongside my own practice I design and deliver printmaking classes and workshops for Children, young people and families at Edinburgh Printmakers and develop my practice at the facilities there and at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.