Euan McGregor

Artist Member, Diploma holder

Euan McGregor PAI

Euan graduated in Printmaking in 1998 at Glasgow school of Art winning the Royal Glasgow Institute travelling scholarship in his graduation year. He spent time in Barcelona and Aragon painting coastal villages, homesteads and dusty plains near Zaragoza.

He continued to gain recognition winning more awards at the RGI before becoming a diplomate of the 145 year old Paisley Art Institute in 2014. Euan shows in all 4 corners of Britain having had solo shows in Scotland, England and Wales.

His acclaimed Highgate Contemporary show in London in 2015 tapped into the British psyche for outdoor swimming and the celebration of Lido culture. Ted Baker in Bondi Beach used his paintings as inspiration to outfit their clothes shop in 2016 and Libby Page, author of ‘The Lido’ is a fan. More recent exploits have seen him paint the Lutheran churches of Iceland and a series of Scottish Distilleries featuring in the Glasgow Herald in 2019.

Euan uses Paint and Print. ‘ I was always getting into trouble at art school for using paint with printmaking and breaking purist tradition’ He continues to use relief and screen-printing within his painting. This fusion of these mediums keeps a flatness to his work with depth being achieved within the layering of fine paint washes and printmaking.