Elise V. Allan

Artist Member, Diploma holder

Elise graduated from Glasgow School of Art, and after many years of making figurative paintings that mined the subconscious, Jungian writing, and an interest in early Mediterranean matriarchal societies, she moved away from representation in 2010 and began to drill deeper towards a quieter whole-body knowing and has been making abstract paintings and collages since then.

Working as a part-time tutor in Glasgow School of Art within the Communication Design department since 1993, an interest in supporting students to understand what would best support flow led her to training in creativity coaching, becoming an accredited coach in 2018, and she now has a small private practice with both individual clients and small creative reflection groups.

Elise has exhibited regularly since graduating in solo and group shows. Her last solo show, She Moves Behind Me, was a retrospective in Gallery North, Glasgow.