Dorothy Fisher

In my daily life I am attracted to Beauty in all it’s forms – landscapes, flowers, porcelain, a face or simply the juxtaposition of particular colours, shapes or tones. It is also very important to me to capture the quality of light in my work.

Using oils, my aim is to paint beautiful things. Whether painting Still Life, Portraits of Landscape, I strive to capture the beauty in a subject and thereby leave the viewer both delighted and inspired.

I most admire the works of the Dutch Flower Painters, the Pre-Raphaelites, particularly William Waterhouse and Holman Hunt, and the portraits of Sir Henry Raeburn and Sir James Guthrie. My contemporary influences are David A. Leffel, Patricia Moran, Clyde Aspevig and Scott Christensen and Daniel Keys.

Artist Member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists Artist Member and Former President of the Ayr Sketch Club