Desi Popzlateva

Artist Member

Glasgow based multidisciplinary contemporary artist, specialising in mixed media paintings, sculptural work and installation art. Graduated with a BA in Art and Design.

My work focuses on portraying the significance of our everyday surroundings by drawing inspiration from both the urban and natural environments. Being a visual learner, I am always on the lookout for what the outside world can offer- different textures, patterns, colour and material combinations.

The latest series of paintings I have been working on are based on a range of listed buildings mainly in Glasgow. This shows my fascination with architecture and its elements beautifully preserved over the years. Through these paintings I have tried to capture the classic and modern, creating a sense of timelessness.

Exploring the use of unconventional materials, I have used 15mm OSB boards as the base of my paintings. For me this is a really beautiful material, which adds so much texture to the overall look. Using spray paint, acrylics, pastels and charcoal I slowly start drawing out the shapes and layering paint. On top of each coating of paint is a thin layer of resin. Using this technique contributes to the visual depth of the piece and almost creates a 3-dimensional effect. After the painting is finished, a final layer of resin is added to create that beautiful glossy and reflective look.