Claire Paterson

I love the sense of the unexpected I find when collaborating with models and other artists. Using a wide variety of props and objects, we undertake experimental sessions during which models attempt to create alternative myths to the standard classics.

The resultant paintings are open to interpretation, with viewers invited to search for their own meaning within the work. Nigerian artist Akirash, who provided the netted sculpture depicted in the painting Eagle Pass, told me that the image makes him think of immigrants using tunnels to cross the USA/Mexico border; while others see Icarus and ‘the agony of wanting to fly’.

Model Zeke Jolson also described the nature of our collaboration: ‘One of the things I find especially exciting about our collaboration is the open-ended nature of the journey we’ve embarked on together. Control isn’t a preoccupation. Rather, there is a large role (an unusually large role from the model’s perspective) for choice, serendipity and freedom of movement. Perhaps that’s what makes the journey both fun and creative – taking us forward but also hearkening back to an earlier time and place, seemingly remote but still bearing on our lives and our futures.’