Claire Mothersole

I gained a First-Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Art Practice last year and have continued to develop my work. My artistic practice derives from my domestic environment which provides an ever-fluctuating source of inspiration; there is an energy created by myself and my children in the compartments of our home. The continual daily tasks and human interaction required for survival create rhythmic movements practiced daily. This interweaving of chore and family relations, of love and conflict, of nurture, curiosity and stillness generates this dance we unconsciously perform which facilitates abstract forms of indistinguishable temporary landscapes that I document through observational drawings. I reproduce and overlay these traces in large scale drawings that become a point of stillness against the chaos. I challenge the dichotomies of motherhood between its constraints and joyous moments to offer an actuality, a truism of motherhood. In this work I have documented a period where my family were emerging from an emotionally difficult situation to a place of hope and opportunity. I collected photographs of the shadows our bodies created from our interactions around the home; these temporarily captured our existence in physical form. To solidify these moments, I drew them out on a large roll of Fabriano paper using the scope of my body to recreate the gestural forms, I overlayed these interactions to replicate our movement through purposeful action to emerge emotionally transformed through that physicality. The drawing embodies a sense of these intertwined movements and emotions that address experiences of personal trauma.