Christopher James

Once commonly seen, hedgehogs are now classed as endangered. Estimates of 30 million in the 1950s, down to 1.5 million now, show the rapid decline. This beautiful, sweet, unusual animal should not be over-looked. That is why I painted this.
After studying art in Hull, Yorkshire, I trained, then worked as a ceramic restorer. A great deal of the china that came in was oriental, and so research into particularly Chinese pottery was commonplace. I developed a great interest in oriental art, liking especially the tradition of ‘bird and flower’ painting. I have been painting wildlife using influences from both oriental and familiar Victorian watercolour studies, gradually developing a style of my own. I have exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; RWA Open, Bristol; Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne; Rye Society of Artists, Rye; Orleans House, Twickenham.