Christine Clark

Clark’s paintings attempt to reflect the beauty of the human spirit as it turns to nature for renewal.

These intimate narratives, suspended in time, contemplate the land and our deep connection to nature.

In Christine’s work, nature seems to exist in a suspended realm, discovering visual intricacies of how we experience collective moments, individual memories, connections to place, and the inherent poetry of the landscape.

Christine’s most recent works focus on the natural world and the transient beauty of life. In particular, how the senses allow us to experience that ephemeral world. The scent of a perfume or flower; the touch of fabric; or the sound of music, can elicit a sense of connection to a specific place, moment in time or loved one.

Clark has exhibited in France, Washington and London. She was recently commissioned by Art in Healthcare Scotland to create two large scale paintings for The Rohallion Psychiatric Unit in Perth. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006.