Caroline Watson

I make drawings using mixed materials and more recently have been developing my use of photography. Inspired by the natural world, I am interested in our relationship to place and meaningfulness, balancing the use of materials and image to create something that is reflective and relevant. For me art is about seeking clarity. Making work is my way of engaging with the world, working through ideas and understanding. I enjoy the labour of drawing using a variety of materials; the repetition of mark making, building a surface slowly and knowing that sometimes an error cannot be undone and hours of work are destroyed or re-purposed and then beginning again. I always work in a series often repeating images, changing materials. My current series The Walking focuses on woodland and the depiction of trees, literal or abstracted, exploring the theme of place, touching on memory and attachment. I am interested in using light and space to create a place for connection and wonder. We need to move through natural spaces that offer comfort or reassurance, not always wild but nature as it is found in green spaces, parks, woodlands, local trails; not just a refuge but an extension of our cultural selves.