Cameron Swanson

I am fascinated by the great architectural legacy that we see in Paisley today. This is however only part of the story as much has been lost over the years. This unseen is naturally forgotten and underappreciated. The drawings I do are an attempt to recognise their importance using traditional drawing techniques with a strong emphasis on architectural form. I use historical maps, photographs, and records to produce my drawings as faithfully as possible and to a precise scale.

This particular drawing is of the Paisley County Buildings and Prison built 1818-21 to the designs of Archibald Elliot who was renowned for the Castellated style featured in many of his buildings such as Loudon Castle, Taymouth Castle, and Jedburgh Castle Jail. The prison was extended to the south (right of the drawing) in 1849-50 by Thomas Brown. At the time it was often referred to as ‘The Castle’. The buildings met their end between 1960 and 1970 to make way for the Piazza Shopping Centre built 1969-71. The drawing is completed in a style typical of the period. This style is most evidently shown in the drawings of Robert Adam.