Anthony Williamson-Bruscaglia

My name is Anthony Romeo Williamson-Bruscaglia, I am a graduate with a Bachelor’s in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice from Perth College UHI. I currently work as an assistant art tutor in an art therapy role in Art Angel My work is often a meditative process and my subjects reveal something I’m drawing from to be a better, more powerful individual. Of late, my interest has been captured by history’s most daring individuals and those who shaped the entire history of the West by their actions. There is both knowledge and wisdom to gain from Caesar’s triumphs and tragedy, and I have used gold ink to render his glittering laurels, and painstakingly sewn his famous red cape. Red thread has always seemed to represent fate, perhaps because of Greco-Roman mythology. I want the viewer to see that a man can change the world and remember that they are mortal.