Anne Morrison

Artist Member

As a child I spent many hours on the beach searching out little treasures to fill my pockets. I still walk along the tide lines of the Clyde collecting wood, shells, worn glass or china, anything that excites me, as the inspiration and starting point of my work. I love the feel of sea worn pebbles and strive to reflect that surface in my ceramics.

Using discarded driftwood I aim to give it a new significance with emerging seed forms or a hand-modelled clay figure to convey a physical image of hidden emotions. This is echoed in the firing of the clay piece as it is taken red-hot out of the kiln and plunged into sawdust, producing smoke and flame to create the crackled or rich metallic surface. I lose myself in clay or along the tideline of a beach, bringing them together in an art work is my passion.

Anne studied ceramics at Glasgow School of Art in the 1970’s. In the mid-nineties she moved to Raku fired ceramics and sculptural work incorporating driftwood and found objects. Anne is a founder member of the Scottish Potters Association and have been selected as an Artist member of Paisley Art Institute and the Glasgow Society of Woman Artists, where she recently served as President. She has received a number of prestigious awards including several from the Royal Glasgow Institute and Paisley Art Institute, including Mary and William Armour Award in 2012 and 2014.