Alexander Guy

Looking broadly over my career and where I am at now, it is clear that there are consistent themes that are on-going and constant throughout my work, and that my paintings are dealing with autobiographical phases in my life-style which shift, vary and evolve reflecting my changing circumstances and experiences, depending on where I am and what I am doing at the particular time. So, there are paintings with a reference to e.g. glamour, photography, cinema stills, T.V show's celebrities, comics and cartoons, video games graphics or influences of Spanish, Greek, French, Moorish, Mexican and American culture. There are paintings 'in the style of ' or borrowing from e.g. amateur art, fairground art, graffiti, outsider art, or, more historically Roman art, Egyptian art, Islamic art, Soviet Propaganda, social realism etc, but the handwriting , the touch and the language, though evolving and adapting is identifiable, recognisable and runs throughout my work. The painting “Starlite Cafe E2” is of an orange juice machine that was in a cafe we visited during our stay at a hotel on The Roman Road, London. The painting “Caroline” was my first portrait of Caroline Gormley I currently stay in Glasgow and I am co-owner of MADE IN PAISLEY studios/gallery, Paisley