Alex Ramsay

Artist Member

My paintings are like stories or journeys that don’t get anywhere. They construct an open-ended narrative space, a slippery sort of state where transitory connections are made through a mixture of accident and dubious intentions.Things turn into something else or into nothing at all. Journeys that start somewhere, try to get somewhere else, but keep getting diverted, ending up in unexpected places.

There are lots of reference points along the road to nowhere special. Some make sense; edge of town landscapes, night skies and star maps, motoring mishaps and nocturnal encounters, Others are more difficult to understand in the dark, they could be one thing but they might be something else.

Drawing is a way of making a journey. These paintings are primarily drawing. A chalk line meanders slowly across and all over a blank ground, like a blackboard or an enlarged page from a notebook. The subsequent choice of materials is to do with ephemerality and transience. Chalk dust, ground charcoal, and traces of plastic glitter are floated on, and adhere to the surface. An elaborated doodle that inscribes small flights of libido across an empty space, wandering off into the realm of the imaginery and projection., but continually returning home to the reality of facture, surface and material process.

I also make composite paintings, text paintings, and small scale sculptures that share these concerns.