Alex Ramsay

Artist Member

As a child I was passionate about art, unfortunately any artistic ability I had at secondary school was never recognised. Fortunately I excelled in metalwork and this became my route to exercising my creative bent. Consequently Rolls Royce PLC formed me into a skilled craft engineer. 28 years ago I left to pursue my real passion Art and Craft. Since then my journey has been to expand my skills across many mediums and disciplines, eg stone/woodcarving, clay/plaster modelling, painting, carpentry, welding, design manufacture and fitting. This exploration has enabled me to express ideas and bring unique objects into existence for myself and others.
In recent years I created a body of work motivated by world events and the consequential shifting state of man’s’ consciousness, comprising of 20 works, paintings and sculpture resulting in a successful solo exhibition entitled “There May be Trouble Ahead”, held at “Made in Paisley Gallery” in November 2019.

NORSE TOTEM :- Having over many years a periodic interest in Viking Lore, I wanted to create a work that in my mind would not look out of place in a museum. The salvaged 100 year old timber from a derelict boat building yard at Renfrew Quay, helped lend to that.

LOCKDOWN FEVER :- Although I’m grateful and fortunate having spent the last few months alongside my beloved partner, our stifling little cramped box we call home has inspired this angst venting portrait.