Art for Ukraine update

15th May 2022

Art for Ukraine Auction

A big thank you to both those who generously contributed work and also those who helped to make Sunday’s auction possible.  There are a few but limited expenses including artists’ reimbursement which we’re currently collating and one still outstanding payment.  Assuming we receive the outstanding payment, we’re estimating that the net charity donation will amount to just over £25,000 after deduction of incurred expenses and artist reimbursements which are amounting to a little over £2k.

Remember that we also have a further 5 pieces of ceramic art by Falconer Houston due to be sold at McTears Conremporary Art Auction  on 29th May. All proceeds will be going to the same charity.  Considering that Falconer’s Glasgow style piece made the handsome total of £480, we could see him making even more for the cause!

Please share awareness of this further auction to help sales.

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