AGM 2021 Result & Call for new Committee

29th October 2021
from the TRUSTEES of Paisley Art Institute
** AGM 2021 Result & New Committee Elections.

Members will note the result of the Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday 26th October, 2021, is that the current standing committee were not re-elected.  The result of the vote was 30 members against, 26 members for, and 8 members abstained.  These were the combined votes of those members in the meeting room and on the Zoom call.
The meeting closed at 9.05pm immediately after the vote and no new committee was elected.

The Trustees of the charity now therefore have a legal duty under charity law to call an Election of a new Committee and upon that election transfer its powers, assets and liabilities, goods and effects to the newly elected committee of charity trustees.

In meeting that legal duty, the Trustees have determined, after advice from OSCR, to call a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING for the purposes of Electing a new Committee of Trustees only, and for no other business.

This Special General meeting will be held on Thursday 25th of November 2021, 7.30pm
The meeting will be held entirely by Zoom and recorded for minute taking purposes.
The outgoing Chair, Rowena Comrie will facilitate the meeting.
Voting will be conducted by Zoom poll on the evening only, candidate by candidate.
The results will be displayed, live in the meeting to all attendees.
There will be an open shared meeting link for all members to click, no pre-registration will be required.
A link to the Zoom meeting will be issued with a Proposed Candidate list.
The zoom meeting host will be supported by a fibre broadband connection to ensure smooth and effective, uninterrupted service on the evening.

Members wishing to be nominated for the Committee should put their names forward no later than the deadline of 20th November 2021.  This is to facilitate the creation of a Proposed Candidate list to be sent to all members ahead of the meeting.

Members being so nominated must be supported by two other members, a proposer and a seconder. Candidates may email their intentions to stand.  Proposers and seconders must separately send an email each from their own email address, intimating support for their candidate.  All nominations must be supported in this manner and any candidate who does not have separately verifiable supporting emails from proposers and seconders will not be considered legally competent to go on to the list.

Please note Candidates may stand for election to the Committee only, but not for a particular role or office.  Such roles and offices being chosen, by the newly elected Committee, only after the elections.

Members should also note that under Charity Law in Scotland a maximum of 12 trustees only may be appointed.  Should there be a larger number of proposed candidates voted upon, only those members in the top 12 with most votes will be appointed.

Any member wishing to stand, or to propose or second a nominated candidate must email the trustees with their intentions.  The email should be sent to (

We ask members to kindly contain any correspondence to intimations to stand, or propose or second candidates for election only.  The Trustees cannot at this time enter into any detailed correspondence on any other matter.

In discharging our legal duty as outgoing Trustees, we seek your co-operation in this process.

Best wishes
sent of behalf of the outgoing Committee of Trustees

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